Social Gaming

Fall of Man game box

I see the lure and I want to bite. I have been bitten by the social gaming bug.

My friends have a PS3 and play Resistance: Fall of Man. I’ve played a little. It’s not easy by all means, but it’s really fun playing with my friends.

Resistance is a first person shooter game. The background of the story is that instead of WWII happening, monsterous creatures called Chimera arrive on earth and start killing everyone. These creatures overwhelm Asia and Eastern Europe then begin to invade the U.K. The player 1 character is Nathan Hale, a United States soldier, although the story is told by another soldier who had a brief encounter with Hale.

The game has recieved excellent ratings. The gamespot score is 8.6, the critic review is 8.7 and the user review is 8.7 on

The design, controls, environments and weapons are all great. I would compare the fright factor to that of Resident Evil but with much better graphics.

I have not yet played it online. I don’t have a PS3. I doubt I’ll get one, but I know I’ll be playing it when I get the chance.


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