Kiss my glass

Yesterday I went to the Missouri Council of the Blind Thriftstore. I bought 6 glass cups. My brother and I made stencils with painters tape on them and used etching cream on them to make designs that we thought our parents would like.

I’m working on the cuff of the second sock for my boyfriend. I’m almost done! I’m doing this cuff with Norwegian purls instead of regular continental purls in my 2×2 rib. This might make sock 1 look different from sock 2. I don’t think my boyfriend will notice though. It looks pretty regular at this point.

I wanted to do the Norwegian purls, because I thought they would be faster. Actually, it’s very awkward and I’m slow, but it’s new and I figure I should stick with it for at least 10 rounds.

I’ll have pictures hopefully on Friday. I have to work tomorrow afternoon.


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