greased lightning

I cast on Cookie A.’s Twinkle Toes yesterday. This pattern was on Knitty Gritty. Now, I was impressed by my plain stockinette socks that I finished in a week. This twinkle toes sock that I have on the needles…I’M OVER 3/4 DONE!

 Did I get amazing just now? I think I did. I know I can get these socks done in a week. I don’t understand it. They have lace and a gusset heel which is more involved than a plain shortrow heel with no gusset that I normally do.

 They better fit my mom. I think I may try them on her when she falls asleep sometime. I’m sure I could get them on and off real quick! Hahaha.


It’s dark outside today. It’s been snowing/icing nonstop and the sun has not shown its face all day. At least it makes the giant pine trees (both taller than my two story house) in my front yard look pretty.



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