Child’s First Sock

I knit a modified version of the Child’s First Sock from Vintage Socks. I made it in a larger gauge using a spare ball of Vanna’s Choice from Lionbrand yarn.

I really wanted to knit this sock in a mustard yellow. Instead it is in purple.

I’m not really happy with it. I gave the rest of the  ball and two DPNS away to a friend of mine who wanted to learn to knit spontaneously.

 A lot of girls at my school are learning to knit. I wish I were happy, but it frustrates me that they take it so lightly. Knitting is my life! I eat, breath and sleep knitting. I guess I’m also not happy, because they’re starting a knitting group, and I, the most experience was not invited. ;_;

 Well, this whiney baby got a new job today so that’s good. I got a job at First National Bank in Lee’s Summit. I’m really looking forward to it.

Pictures later.

This is the cruddiest blog ever but I at least want to keep it alive…


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