Sandwich rolls

This is one of the first bentos I’ve made. I love my bento box and now that it is summer it’s easier for me to make myself a bento box to take to work.


I made sandwich rolls with tortilla spread with cream cheese and cucumber and carrot.


I also included rice and chips and guacamole which I didn’t bother photographing.

This is the pretty bag it comes in.


I would really like to collect some more bento boxes and some fun accessories.

I’d like to get a soup bento because I love soup with noodles.


And of course I need accessories like cookie cutters and molds.



These three pictures are from my favorite bento site. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it has a lot of content.


Finished socks

So I actually did finish some socks. Unfortunately my camera is poop so I don’t have any pictures to show. I’ll try to take some this week at school. At WalMart I was looking at some digital cameras. I’m considering getting a new one maybe next paycheck.

Rohlf Ball is the devil

My right wrist is hurting because in gym we played rohlf ball which is a dumb game similar to volleyball that you play with a kick ball. I tried to serve it and injured my wrist (because you really shouldn’t be trying to serve a kick ball anyway!). The beginning of gym wasn’t bad though. We did 6 laps (1.5 miles) walking the curved part of the track and running the straight parts.

I got yet another book in the mail today. It is Self Magazine’s 15 Minutes to a Better You. I love Self Magazine and my favorite part is the 15 minutes section so this book is perfect for me. It has little things that help you out. My favorite part is the fitness section. It has little workouts and such. I think I need to work on my upper-body strength. I want to have strong arms so I won’t be a total weakling.

I had layout for Newspaper tonight. I got my pages mostly done. I just have to put a little blurb about the cover pictures on the Table of Contents page and place a picture and a story on another page. Also there was this ad listed in our Ad Budget but it was called the name of a staff member. I don’t even know what the ad is or what it’s supposed to me. It just says her name there. It doesn’t make sense to me. Anyways, I’m rambling. the point is I am pretty much ready to print my pages except for minor little details and the people at layout tonight seemed to have their shit together. Hopefully the other people will be ready.

School is almost out. Sweet, sweet relief.

Knitting content! Finally!

click images for larger versions

Top Down Cardigan in chunky acrylic yarn

It’s soft and I like it. It hasn’t been getting much attention with warmer weather and all plus it takes up a lot of room in my bag and I don’t have the room to spare.

Second Blueberry Waffle sock in Wool Ease
Colorway: Blue Heather

I made the first sock and successfully completed an afterthought heel. This sock is knitting up quickly as socks tend to do. I’m ready to knit that heel and wear them. I have yet to make my own pair of handknit socks. I just make them for my boyfriend and mom.

Baby Surprise Amoeba Jacket

I started this with some extra yarn and I ran out quickly. I will have to get some more. It is in Vanna’s Choice by Lionbrand. I really am fond of Wool Ease but Vanna’s Choice has very little stretch and it hurts my hands after a bit of knitting.

I really would like to knit myself a fair isle cardigan. I’m considering Bridget by Martin Storey from the book Vintage Knits. Casualattitude on Ravelry has a very pretty version in white and red. It can be admired here. My boyfriend bought me this book for Christmas and I really want to make something from it when I get a chance. I feel like I have no time at all these days.

Bad blogger.

I have been knitting but I’m super bad about taking pictures. Anyways, I have been reading. I’ve been reading this:

Me reading Friday Night Knitting Club

Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

An okay book. Not enough knitting too many whiney women. I can though relate to some of the characters. Like Georgia, I find it hard to build friendships with other women (girls in my case). I definately can relate to her loneliness. But I don’t think I could ever repair my relationship with a certain someone like Georgia rebuilds hers with Cat. My favorite character so far is Lucie.

I’ve also been reading this:

Me and my high school yearbook

This is my High School yearbook. I am a Junior this year. Every year the yearbook has a theme and this years theme is Passion. An¬†acquaintance¬†of mine drew the cover graphic. What you can’t see is that all that crap is on top of someone’s head. It’s pretty cool. My picture isn’t very good but here are some pictures of Andrew (super fun journalism buddy) and me messing around in the Journalism Lab not working!

Me and Andrew’s creeper hand (his words, not mine).

Hopefully I will have some knitting pictures soon. I hate bloggers like me.

Next year in Newspaper a blog is going to be mandatory so maybe my content will be better.

Also I’ve learned of a knitting group at a local bookstore in my town. Hopefully I can man-up and just try and join. Do I walk up to them and say “Hey! You’re knitting. I knit too. I’m going to knit with you,”? Social things like that are so hard for me. I guess I’ll have to channel my inner Anita (another character from The Friday Night Knitting Club) and be friendly and hopefully all will be fine. I’ve rarely seen mean knitter.