Rohlf Ball is the devil

My right wrist is hurting because in gym we played rohlf ball which is a dumb game similar to volleyball that you play with a kick ball. I tried to serve it and injured my wrist (because you really shouldn’t be trying to serve a kick ball anyway!). The beginning of gym wasn’t bad though. We did 6 laps (1.5 miles) walking the curved part of the track and running the straight parts.

I got yet another book in the mail today. It is Self Magazine’s 15 Minutes to a Better You. I love Self Magazine and my favorite part is the 15 minutes section so this book is perfect for me. It has little things that help you out. My favorite part is the fitness section. It has little workouts and such. I think I need to work on my upper-body strength. I want to have strong arms so I won’t be a total weakling.

I had layout for Newspaper tonight. I got my pages mostly done. I just have to put a little blurb about the cover pictures on the Table of Contents page and place a picture and a story on another page. Also there was this ad listed in our Ad Budget but it was called the name of a staff member. I don’t even know what the ad is or what it’s supposed to me. It just says her name there. It doesn’t make sense to me. Anyways, I’m rambling. the point is I am pretty much ready to print my pages except for minor little details and the people at layout tonight seemed to have their shit together. Hopefully the other people will be ready.

School is almost out. Sweet, sweet relief.


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