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Child’s First Sock

I knit a modified version of the Child’s First Sock from Vintage Socks. I made it in a larger gauge using a spare ball of Vanna’s Choice from Lionbrand yarn.

I really wanted to knit this sock in a mustard yellow. Instead it is in purple.

I’m not really happy with it. I gave the rest of the  ball and two DPNS away to a friend of mine who wanted to learn to knit spontaneously.

 A lot of girls at my school are learning to knit. I wish I were happy, but it frustrates me that they take it so lightly. Knitting is my life! I eat, breath and sleep knitting. I guess I’m also not happy, because they’re starting a knitting group, and I, the most experience was not invited. ;_;

 Well, this whiney baby got a new job today so that’s good. I got a job at First National Bank in Lee’s Summit. I’m really looking forward to it.

Pictures later.

This is the cruddiest blog ever but I at least want to keep it alive…



I’ve failed my challenge on the second day. It’s okay! This is for me, not for readers or anything. (Obviously, because no one is reading!) I’ve messed up. Big deal. I’m gonna get right back on that horse and write a post today.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I worked more on my boyfriend’s socks. I was a little slow at knitting yesterday. I was tired when I started.  I’m sure today I’ll be back at my normal pace. I’m about 3 inches from the heel and then the cuff is a breeze.

Wow. My friends are dramatic. More on that later.

Today I’m returning a shirt I’ve been holding onto for a while. It belongs to a girl I used to be friends with. I could say “Oh, our friendship just ended. It’s noone’s fault,”  but that would be lying. It is her fault most definately . She called me a liar. She ruined our friendship to its core. Funny enough, she hasn’t returned my shirt that she’s had for YEARS. I’m talking 5 or more years and she still wears it! Well, I’m going to let her know I need it when I give her this shirt back. Not that I want to wear it. I just don’t want her to have it.

Petty? Yes. So what?

Another week of school. I’m so tired of it. I’m going to my guidance counselor’s office today to ask for a letter of recommendation. I want to be accepted early into UMKC. I think after this letter I’ll be accepted. There’s nothing else I can do after he sends it. I just have to wait.

Spring ’08 at UMKC? Let’s hope so.

As for now, I’m off to high school.